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Fuck Armageddon…This is Help with Your Vocabulary

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Rugosity (n.)

Definition: (1) the quality of having wrinkles or creases; (2) In Botany: the characteristic of a rough, wrinkled surface, as in certain prominently veined leaves.

“I can see the shadows on the wall, drifting as the leaves start to fall. Unfazed by rugosity, the objects yield to gravity and depict the destiny of us all.”

—“In So Many Ways” on No Substance

In a sentence: The rugosity of bacon makes it easy to grip, despite its greasiness.

Synonyms: wrinkledness, coarseness, unevenness, friction

Antonyms: smoothness, gloss


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Epicene (n./adj.)

Definition: (adj) Having characteristics of both sexes or no characteristics of either sex; of indeterminate sex; (n) a being of indeterminate sex

“I know you must have seen him in books and magazines. He’s the quintessential mindless modern epicene.”

—“Automatic Man” on No Control

In a sentence: You’re crazy if you think Bowie is epicene. I mean, have you even seen Labyrinth? The dude’s all man.

Synonyms: (adj) hermaphroditic, androgynous; (n) hermaphrodite

Antonyms: (adj) gendered

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source: the google

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Inchoate (adj.)

Definition: Just begun and so not fully formed or developed; rudimentary

“I’ve seen the rapture in a starving baby’s eyes, inchoate beatitude, the lord of the flies.”

—“1000 More Fools” on Suffer

In a sentence: The inchoate democracy in Egypt may be experiencing some growing pains, but there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic about its future.

Synonyms: incipient, underdeveloped, rudimentary, incomplete, nascent

Antonyms: mature, developed, complete

source: the google

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Ersatz (adj.)

Definition: (1) Made or used as a substitute, typically an inferior one, for something else; (2) not genuine or real

“How can your romance hope to be the veil of an ersatz human nature?”

—“The Surface of Me”–bonus track on Japanese version of The Empire Strikes First

In a sentence: While some of the students on the trip to Washington, D.C. enjoyed the White House or the Jefferson Memorial best of all, others rejoiced at the cheap, ersatz Ray Bans sold on the street. Lookin’ sharp, Jared.

Synonyms: fraudulent, fake, counterfeit, bogus

Antonyms: real, genuine, authentic, straight legit

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Supplicate (v.)

Definition: To ask or beg for something earnestly or humbly

“Supplicate and survive this transubstantiation and get so mean. I want to know what it means.”

—“Honest Goodbye” on New Maps of Hell

In a sentence: I hate the thought of my mother having to supplicate to those loan-sharks, but it’s the only way she’ll keep her kneecaps.

Synonyms: implore, beseech, entreat, plead

Antonyms: command, demand, offer


source: the google

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Pallor (n.)

Definition: an unhealthy pale appearance

“What they created was a family story no one will tell. It’s a photo album too terrible. But the pride and the pallor continue to swell, and the matron silently prays.”

—“Pride and the Pallor” on The Dissent of Man

In a sentence: I’ll be, Clarence. You’ve got the pallor of a fella who done seen a g-g-g-ghost.

Synonyms: paleness, whiteness

Antonyms: vibrancy, darkness


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Boisterous (adj.)

Definition: noisy, energetic, and spirited; rowdy

“And beside him flanking closely are the boisterous hollow masses who lap up whatever trickles in.”

—“Leaders and Followers”, Bonus track on the Japanese version of Stranger than Fiction and Clerks soundtrack

In a sentence: Nah, buddy, I don’t think I can serve you another. You get those Zimas in you, and you get all boisterous and belligerent.  It bugs the other customers.  

Synonyms: noisy, tempestuous, tumultuous

Antonyms: quiet, placid, calm, restrained

source: the google