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Fuck Armageddon…This is Help with Your Vocabulary

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Requite (v.)

Definition: (1) To make repayment or return for; (2) to avenge

“We found purchase then with no requite – nothing nice.”

—“Cyanide” on The Dissent of Man

Note: Though “requite” is typically a verb, it is used in the above lyric as a noun meaning “repayment”.

In a sentence: That wolf may have killed Liam Neeson’s wife, but by the look of those glass shards taped to his hands, he’s going to requite that injury quite brutally.

Synonyms: repay, return, retaliate

Antonyms: refuse, dissatisfy

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Pallor (n.)

Definition: an unhealthy pale appearance

“What they created was a family story no one will tell. It’s a photo album too terrible. But the pride and the pallor continue to swell, and the matron silently prays.”

—“Pride and the Pallor” on The Dissent of Man

In a sentence: I’ll be, Clarence. You’ve got the pallor of a fella who done seen a g-g-g-ghost.

Synonyms: paleness, whiteness

Antonyms: vibrancy, darkness


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