Bad Religion Word-a-Day

Fuck Armageddon…This is Help with Your Vocabulary


Howdy Punks and Academics,

Bad Religion Word-a-Day is a daily-updated blog designed to improve your lexicon using only the songs of Bad Religion.

I got the idea for this site four years ago when I was first studying for the GRE. Going through seemingly endless word lists, I was noticing a lot of overlap between those verbal section study aids and the lyrics sheets for my favorite band, Bad Religion. I just finished my Master’s in Philosophy at the University of Washington, and now I’ve got the time to do things this frivolous.

So here’s what’s up: Every day I’ll throw up a new vocab word that appears in a Bad Religion song, along with definitions, parts of speech, synonyms, antonyms, lyrics, and all that junk. But I also expect the site to evolve as time goes on, so I won’t preamble too much (Forgive me, I’m a philosopher.  It’s what we do.).

Check back soon, and enjoy!


Notice a bug or mistake? Want to give us feedback (I know you do, this site targets two of the most sanctimonious groups of people)? Email us.


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